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Web Designing

GVNSoftech specializes in developing reliable yet creative Web Development solutions. Ensuring that your businesses requirements are met without compromising your corporate identity. GVNSoftech’s Web Development solutions are completely scalable, catering for both complex and simple website requirements.

Technology Expertise

  • Web Enable Services (Open Source)
  • web applications
  • PHP Development
  • Application and Web Servers (Apache)(IIS)
  • MySQL and SQL Server (Database)

Open Sources (Dotnetnuke,Joomla, Wordwe completely understand that as a small or start up business you may have a limited budget, and you will need to get the most you possibly can for your money. You need to get noticed online, but something simple to start with has to be the way to go. If this is you, a static or brochure website is what you need.

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  • ShopCustom Web Design
Static website

A static website is the simplest of website which loads fast and can be used to show the features of services or product in detail.

By using simple HTML pages, a static website can be hosted very quickly on a hosting website. This way, if you just want to spread information about your new product or service, it can be done within a matter of days.

At GVNSoftech we can create a Static website as soon as you want it done. We work keeping the option to update the website when required so that you can add any changes that you might require in the future.

Dynamic Website

Setting up a dynamic website is a completely different process as it requires a lot of data as the content keeps getting updated frequently. This type of website requires a lot of maintenance but with effective coding techniques this is not a bother at all.

At GVNSoftech we use sturdy software tools to create dynamic websites. These can be updated frequently and won't crash even when there is a huge burst of traffic on the site. This way the people visiting your site keep coming back, thus increasing your overall brand and company value.

Designing Creative

AT GVNSoftech we understand the importance of identity. We are experts at designing logos, leaflets and banners for company that are shown as examples across the world. We put in that extra effort to create logos, banners and all the other stuff that is the source of your identity. By fine tuning the visuals we make sure the consumers associate your product with your logo. So that next time when your release a new product to the market, they recognize the quality work that you do through your logo and buy it instantly.

E-commerce Solutions

If you want to integrate payment solutions on your website, GVNSoftech offers that too. No matter what payment gateway you want to put in your website, GVNSoftech thoroughly check the sturdiness of the gateway with the hosting servers of website we create for you, so that they are in constant communication with each other, leading to successful transactions.

If you want an SSL certificate, we’ll suggest you payment gateways that are best. If you want gateways based on CGI scripts then GVNSoftech will integrate those too.

Ultimately its your convenience and the security of your consumers that matter and GVNSoftech will strive to provide it for your from the start of the transaction till its successfully billed.