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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer Relationship Management Software, or CRM Software, is a large class of software programs essentially designed to help businesses manage their customer information.

In today's world and age maintaining customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of business. If your customer is happy, that means you can look forward to more business, and if your customer is unhappy, then your whole operation can fall down faster than a deck of cards. So you need a CRM System that understand your wants and needs and delivers the benefits when necessary.

Multiple Needs, One Solution – GVNSoftech

Customer Relationship Management Software is a program that helps manage customer information. This one software is like the backbone of your enterprise, where everything related to customers is saved. So naturally, you would like a program that targets all the needs of your business and provides reliability without any hiccups.

At GVNSoftech we create CRM software that offer a 360° solution that takes care of all aspects of customer management. Starting from the first step of allowing businesses the ability to organize and manage their customers and accounts, CRM Software from GVNSoftech, helps you in tracking all the associated communication and events sent to customers and perform timely follow ups. The second thing which you can do with our software is is Sales Force Automation (SFA). Here you can take full control of the Contact Management and add features to track sales opportunities, review events, track positive leads and capture all the data required to complete a sale. The final step in the CRM software created by GVNSoftech will allow you to keep a tab of all invoices, integrate accounting, organize order information, and more. With our CRM software your business can be up-to-date on every aspect of a relationship with a customer from the point of first identification as a lead till he becomes a satisfied customer and stays loyal to your company. Everything needed to maintain a healthy customer relationship can be done with GVNSoftech's CRM software.

Spot CRM

Designed especially for SME's Spot CRM from MstarInc helps you achieve all your goals in the least amount of time. At its core, Spot CRM is very powerful CRM solution that allows you to handle all the activities of the business. So everything from Pre to Post-Sales which include Lead Management, Opportunity Tracking, Account Management, Sales Pipeline, Quotation and Order Management, Post-Sales Support and Ticketing solution, can be handled with Spot CRM.

Data is useless if it cannot be accessed when required, Spot CRM offers web based access to any data anytime you want. With this convenience, your marketing, sales and support teams can provide a quality experience to your customers with seamless flow of information, without any hassles.

Using this one solution your customers can now request quotes, place orders online, view the status of their orders and generate necessary account information. The powerful customer service module enables you to provide excellent after-sales service by capturing and tracking customer complaints/tickets online. This makes your customers trust you more, helping your business grow as they come back for repeat business.

Benefits for your Business

Increase sales revenues: When you use Spot CRM, you have access to complete customer data. With this knowledge, your sales team can understand what a potential client wants, and offer solutions that a customer would like. This way you can generate more positive leads, leading to excellent conversions rate.

Improve Profitability: A CRM software like Spot CRM, tracks and updates data as often as possible. This way the data stored into the system is fresh and new, leading you to customers who are regular. This data is very necessary in recognizing profitable opportunities that could led to potential sales and loyal customers.

Centralization and Sharing of Data: With a strong CRM solution like Spot CRM, you can easily integrate multiple solutions like MS Office and ERP. Any benefits you want from any of the above systems, can be combined together to build a features platform that works according to your needs. And as all the data is available in one system, employees can access data faster, thus increasing efficiency across your company.

Increased productivity: With our CRM solution, a smaller team can process a very large number of inquiries, manage leads and close sales much faster. Integrated help-desk enables your support staff to provide appropriate and timely service to your customer so that they close service calls in record time. No need to print out hundreds of reports for your managerial staff to track. With our CRM software you can access support staff and marketing team data anytime you want to track the progress they are making. With these benefits, you can significantly reduce your sales and support costs and divert that cash flow into the most core aspect of your business, helping you reap more profits than ever.

Build strong and lasting relationship with your customer: Implementation of spot CRM solution helps you anticipate customer’s needs and respond to them as necessary. Integrated Service platform empowers your support staff to deliver efficient after-sales service. This leads to an overall improvement in customer experience, resulting in strong and lasting relationship with your customer which you can leverage for generating more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Satisfied customers are like self-powered profit generators for your company where they cannot just increase business by doing repeat business, but also refer peers in their circle to further enhance your business.