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IT Services

Our comprehensive range of services frees you from running your back office.

Information Technology

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet all your IT needs. At the heart of each is efficiency, security and effectiveness. We work right across both the private and public sectors and our proven track record delivers the IT that brings you better business results.

Better IT

Find out who we support, how we help them, and what we can do for you. The right information technology can bring your organisation to the peak of performance – faster service, lower cost, higher revenues. We work in partnership with nearly four thousand clients, bringing together people, processes and technology to transform the way they do business. We harness the most appropriate technology to transform your service delivery. And because we’re independent of IT manufacturers and suppliers, we can select the kit that’s exactly right for your organization’s needs.

Secure IT

Secure IT solutions provide the framework on which all organisations operate. We have a proven track record of providing secure, efficient IT solutions as a managed service for organisations across the public sector, including local authorities, central government bodies and the emergency services.

Ensuring the high quality of your software

We can make sure your software delivers what it’s supposed to – and cut the cost of implementing it – by looking after the complete testing regime for you. Using our proven specialist software assurance teams means that you don’t have to hire and train people just for testing. Find out how you can benefit from our extensive experience inassuring the quality of software.

Software Solutions

You can save time and money with our complete software solutions. With over 30 years’ experience we’re renowned for our success across a variety of markets including education, finance, health, local government and social housing. If you’re operating in education, financial advice, healthcare, local government or social housing, we can supply you with high quality, cost-effective software

Software tailored to your organisation

We have been active in these markets since the 1980s and our record of success is based on our unrivalled understanding of what works and of what you need. We develop tailored solutions – specific to your sector – taking full account of your organisation and its specific characteristics. The result is software that works exactly as you need it to.

  • education software
  • software for financial advisors
  • healthcare software
  • Government software
  • social housing software.


  • Local Government
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Insurance

Web Based Services

At GVN Softech, inbound call Centre will always respond to the clients, customers or prospects of its business associate in a timely, polite and professional manner.

  • Chat Support
  • Web Call Back
  • E-mail Support
  • Back Office