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BPO Services

GVNSOFTECH BPO offers a choice of technology and workforce solutions to help facilities manage transcription with an emphasis on verifiable quality, fast turnaround times and pricing. Our solutions are also designed to integrate with virtually all health information, EMR and dictation systems.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) represents a new commercial paradigm for international trade in services. BPO helps you redefine operational priorities, adapt and compete better. There is so much euphoria about the BPO business that it almost seems too good to be true. GVN Softech Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the pioneers in technology, transforming organizations across the world Located in USA, one of the major centers of the business world, the company has a state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, easy scalability and proven methodology which makes it a quality world class Operations Center. GVN Softech combines domain proficiency, process skills and technology to deliver top-notch process outsourcing. GVN Softech has always had the uncanny ability to read ahead, of any market inflexion point and adapt itself to derive maximum advantage.

GVN SOFTECH provides services in various industries - Telecom, Retail, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services and Hi-Tech Manufacturing sectors.

GVN Softech offers all voice and non-voice services which are specially designed to maximize the benefits of the direct marketing efforts of its valuable business associates thus becoming an integral part of their technical support team. GVN Softech offers all Inbound, Outbound and Web Services diligently and meticulously.

State-of-the-art Inbound, outbound and web based services formulate the pith of highly techno savvy BPO that helps its consumers with all the possible measure to mount up their BUSSINESS. Here at GVN Softech , world class facilities and infrastructure, increasingly good telecom connectivity, team of highly educated professionals who speak English and who are capable to handle a range of services would help making your business successful.

We specialize in performance based Inbound, Outbound and Web telemarketing services. Our value added services include Help Desk, Lead generation, Technical support, Web site promotion, Email Marketing campaigns, Fax Broad Casting, Data entry and much more.

Here the list of the Outbound, Inbound and Web based services goes ahead:

Outbound Services

Outbound services at GVN Softech fastly meet the high Standards

  • Telemarketing/Market
  • Deal Closing Support
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Payment Reminder
  • Debt Collection
  • Credit Card Verification Solutions
Inbound Services

At GVN Softech, inbound call Centre will always respond to the clients, customers or prospects of its business associate in a timely, polite and professional manner.

  • Customer Support Services
  • Technical Support
  • Information Support
  • Customer Support Solutions
Web Based Services

At GVN Softech, inbound call Centre will always respond to the clients, customers or prospects of its business associate in a timely, polite and professional manner.

  • Chat Support
  • Web Call Back
  • E-mail Support
  • Back Office
Data Processing

GVN SOFTECH specializes in the capture, digitization and processing of data from diverse input sources, such as fax, Web forms, e-mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. We work on both electronic and printed data. We use various conversion tools for the conversion of electronic data from its present format (in practically any spreadsheet, word processing, or desktop publishing application).

Data Conversion

GVN SOFTECH team has the expertise and capacity to handle your most complex, time-critical and cost-sensitive data conversion projects. At GVN SOFTECH, we have the resources, technology and experience in digital conversion of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals and a variety of forms and other documents from print, electronic images etc.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Conversion

By outsourcing PDF conversion work to GVN SOFTECH, you are ensured with superior quality, quick turnaround time and accuracy. We convert your paper based documents, electronic documents (Microsoft word [doc] files, rtf files, html files) or image files (tiff, tif or jpeg) into compact, searchable PDF files by using the latest scanning, imaging technology, data processors and Adobe tools.

XML / SGML / HTML Conversion

GVN SOFTECH specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects for clients whose businesses are heavily dependent on information, such as large corporations, government agencies and online information providers. Our XML, SGML, and HTML conversion service is designed to support organizations engaged in improving their document management, these services can be provided from our development center or on-site.

Word Processing / MS-Word Conversion

GVN SOFTECH provides high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective Word Processing services. GVN SOFTECH work closely with you and your organization by utilizing applications such as Microsoft Word, Lotus Word Pro and Corel WordPerfect to record, edit, store, and revise letters, memos, index cards, white papers, newsletters, questionnaires, reports, manuals, booklets, statistical tables and forms for word processing solutions

Administration and Business Support

Our comprehensive range of services frees you from running your back office. Administrative services lie at the heart of many of the solutions we provide - from general admin, to life pensions processing, from HR admin, to specialist fund administration. Take a look at ourextensive range of services.

By letting us look after your admin, back office and support functions, you can free up your own resource to focus on your core business – and save money too.

Moving from in-house service provision to a specialist third party provider also means that your organisation can benefit from economies of scale, a range of expertise and resources, and flexible delivery options.

  • Document, mail and print management
  • Creative design and print
  • Occupational health
  • Debt management
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Local authority administrative services
  • Share registration services
  • Customer Management
  • HR and Recruitment

Legal process outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing reduces the cost of litigation and improves profitability. Our service gives you a scalable, cost-effective and high quality resource to take care of lower value legal work – giving your experienced lawyers more time to invest in the more profitable aspects of case work.

If you’re a law firm
  • You’ll be able to meet your clients’ needs in full – including less profitable lower level work – rather than focusing solely on the more profitable complex elements of a case
  • You will be in a position to promote cost control as a key feature of your service
  • Taking on cases in their entirety can increase profit and is easier for your clients
  • it also creates the possibility of closer, long-term client relationships.
If you’re a corporate
  • Your in-house lawyers can spend more of their time on strategic legal and business advice – leaving the lower level routine work to us
  • You can absorb peaks in routine work that your in-house resource can’t manage and that doesn’t justify law firm fees
  • You can reduce your company’s risk profile by cost-effectively increasing the coverage you get from your in-house legal people.

Medical Transcription

“Medical Transcription” a critical allied medical process, has to be managed with absolute care, precision and timely delivery. We at Acroseas have the requisite expertise, experience and knowledge to offer top-of-the-line medical transcription services. Quality, accuracy and efficiency are the hallmarks of our service and process. Additionally, our esteemed panel of experienced, world-class doctors and our well-equipped management team give us an extra edge above our competitors. Above all, we leverage the distinct Indian advantage to deliver quality and affordable medical transcription services.

Outsourcing has the power to help companies achieve desired results at a quick pace with extreme cost efficiencies and high levels of quality output. The medical transcription industry also benefits from the numerous advantages outsourcing has to offer. Since the industry thrives on cost effectiveness and quick turnaround times, a good offshore partner can help companies accomplish their goals successfully.

We offer a 98.8% guaranteed accurate, HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services to HMOs, universities, clinics and individual physicians. Our success can be measured by how effectively we help these busy doctors and health clinics achieve perfection by providing flawless transcripts and timely delivery for faster settlements. At Across, we offer everything that a company wishes to find in a reliable offshore transcription service provider:

  • High levels of accuracy
  • In-depth expertise
  • Efficient cost savings
  • Quick turnaround times
  • High levels of security and confidentiality of information
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant organization
  • Top-of-the-line technology support